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Project Ashe
Tuesday 21 August 2018 04:38
*Even after everything I knew that she was just talking out of the deep pleasure that out combine efforts had against each other, and yet, I never even bothered to correct any of her wording… Instead I focus on pushing myself deeper and deeper inside of her, knowing well that Katarina was basically walking down a path I... was forcé to make her walk through.. pushing myself I felt my basic program finally catch up to me, with a sigh I finally allow my main objective to happen, my hands reaching onto your ass, groping and massaging them as I slowly felt a soft buzz coursing through my body, unhearable for human ears but… perfectly able to make Katarina nice… compliable… closing my eyes I begged for forgiveness to her, but I still kept eating her out, moaning myself as I began to turn off my pleasure sensers… I didn't deserve pleasure* Reply  
Friday 17 August 2018 20:44
Ashe.. My love.. My half... My only reason of being ! *She moaned out as her pussy was being eated out by the skilled archer. Her innerwalls, which were still twitching and tightening due to her previous climax made the task harder for Ashe. The noxian was still a bit shook from her climax, but she could at least control her body. Her nimble tongue slided from Ashe's clit to her slit, spreading the archer's labias with the tip of her muscle, as her fingertips were sliding on Ashe's legs, before they lay on the queen's crotch. Katarina wiggled her buttcheeks a little, teasing and probably pleasing the archer's sight, before she starts to devour her cunt. She thrustes two fingers deep inside, and mooved them back and forth quickly. Meanwhile her tongue followed the fingers, but instead of going fast and deep, the redhead focused on pleasuring Ashe's entrence as much as possible, her tongue wiggling softly against her innerwalls, tasting for another time the archer's love juices* Reply  
Project Ashe
Friday 17 August 2018 20:31
*Giggling out I felt much better now that I had felt her orgasm hit onto me. Smilling for a while I tried to movemyself a bit towards her but I had still been worshiping her feet, still rubbing her clit as if I wanted to try and give her more and more orgasms as I could. Especially after seeing how her face became once she knew the bliss of being cumbrained… that being said, I couldn't expect the sudden movements that she was doing… her foot retired from my mouth as I suddenly moaned out as I felt your weight onto my face, forced to smell te scent of your sex, calling for me. Quivering in delight as I felt that long, hot tongue teasing my own clit, I lost myself in the moment, forgetting I was even a queen as I began to grredily eat out her insides, lips and tongue trying to reach ever so Deep inside of you, trying to claim every drop of your juices until my thirst for you was sated* Reply  
Friday 17 August 2018 19:54
Jesus... Reply  
Friday 17 August 2018 19:27
*A deep howl of pleasure escaped Katarina's throat. The air came from her belly, empowering the sound of her voice, as all of her world was falling into pieces, only giving space to pleasure. Pleasure was the only thing in her mind, and it was a poison running across her whole body. It just felt so right to get used this way. The noxian's juices suddenly spurted out of her ruined slit, covering Ashe's crotch and belly.* O-oh m-myy-myyy GOD.. *She screamed, as she could just close her eyes and shake, the pleasure overwhelming her mind and her body. The archer's mouth felt like home for Katarina's foot, and her finger, rubbing and touching her clit felt like heaven. She was a slut, a slave, she was aslaved to pleasure. Her own tongue hund from her lips as she finished to ride her first orgasm. The assassin's mind became clear again, and her body was responding her brain as she stands up in a swift motion and sits on Ashe's face, on which she was already grinding her crotch, as she leaned her upper body Against the Queen's, using her plump breasts as a pillow for her own head, Katarina tensed her arms, reaching Ashe's feet and started to caress them softly, and to scratch the archer's bare feet. Her tongue was teasing Ashe's clitoris roughly, sliding against it, around it* Reply  
Project Ashe
Friday 17 August 2018 19:13
*It may of been so much time of us rubbing each other's sexes together, but I had grown so tired, so... satisfied, I didn't felt alone, I felt as if we where a being only dedicated to bring pleasure until ourselves. My mouth took her foot Deep, worshiping every inch that I could inside of my mouth while I began thrusting myself, hips smacking against oner another as I pressed my fingers towards your clit, massaging it in the gentless of ways, already I had been claim by an unexpected orgasm, I just wanted to.. make you experience what broke me as well* Reply  
Tuesday 7 August 2018 05:32
*Her eyes rolled into their orbits and her tongue hung out of her oppened mouth, as drool was falling over her plump and gracious chest. Ashe's voice was bouncing in echo inside of Katarina's head. As the licking over her foot intensifies, the noxian assassin was falling more and more into lewdness and pleasure. Ashe was leading the motion now, and the assassin's hips were following it without hesitation just grinding against the archer's crotch. Suddenly, a shiver travels her body from her spine and spread all across her muscles, whom tense up. Katarina was shaking heavily and she felt her climax building up inside of her cunt* Reply  
Project Ashe
Tuesday 7 August 2018 04:59
*Feeling the way that your body moved, I began to recover myself, if only a Little bit... I knew I was broken but, why not break her as well. Smilling I continued to pleasure her foot as I hump and grinded my own pussy onto hers, making her squirm in delight as I sucked onto your toes and in between, making sure to forcé you into the same ecstasy of pleasure you have me* "It is real kat, everything is real" *Calming her more, I continued the attack, weaken my cute assasin as we lost ourselves in passion* Reply  
Monday 6 August 2018 17:43
*Her perfecly shaped body was all messy from her own sweat and Ashe's juices. Katarina's abs were glowing and seemed oiled. Her breasts, slowly moving along her hips's motion, had their nipples all hard and stiff. She remained slow on her rubs, enjoying it with such passion and sensuality. Having her intimate lips rubbed against Ashe's was just the best feeling. At least that's what she thought, until she felt the first kiss over her foot. The archer's tongue felt so cold, way colder than her body. The noxian felt Ashe's tongue licking her sweaty foot, her bare-foot, her heel and her toes. The muscle worshiping her foot made Kat loose her self controle. She bit her lower lips and threw her head backside, her hair following it in a beautiful motion before her body starts to shake a little. She moaned at first, in a cute way, but her moans slowly became groans and synonym to pleasure* Oh Ashe, oh my sweet queen Please... It just feels to good to be real Reply  
Project Ashe
Monday 6 August 2018 17:34
"I-I don't know" *Calling out a bit on the weak side as I lay down on my back, trying to calm down after everything you have done to me.. even as my body still trob for more of your touches. Closing my eyes once she was finally done with my pussy and with my nipples I let out a sigh of relief, thinking that it was finally over. A soft smile creeping on my face that was until a shock of ecstasy came to claim me once more. With our legs locked together I felt you grinding onto my sex with your own, our convine wetness just burning me from the inside out even more. I felt an urge, and after I tried to resist it, I got fed up on hiding it, inmediately after I got some strength I pulled one of your legs, inmediately working my cold tongue into kissing, Licking... worshiping your foot with all the passion I couldn't give your own slit as you did with mine* Reply  

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