be607678e96bb94083b109bc32438d5c Rengar The Slutstalker

*I grinned widely all throughout your begging, finally stopping with you clit, leaving my fingers soaking wet as I swiftly place the head of my cock at your entrance, and taking a hard, rough grip of one part of your tight little ass* “Now that’s the little whore I was digging for! We all knew you needed this massive cock stuffed inside you from the start, so allow me!!” *I grab the other part of your perfect ass, the same way, spreading it widely enough for my fingertips to rest against your asshole, lifting you up and being entirely between your legs as I force the rest of myself in, making sure I feel your womb before pausing* “How’s it feel you nasty lityle cumdump whore! Hm!? Feels like heaven doesn’t it!? I’ve been waiting for the day to take full advantage of the slutty bimbo hiding behind that ego!”

be607678e96bb94083b109bc32438d5c Lady of Luminosity

"Y-You r-really think I'd... I'd... I'd" *I tried hard to actually fight of the burning need as you made me squirm under your grasp, especially as your strong fingers still made me unable to react properly... before log my eyes closed, I bit my lower lip, trying to control myself so despertaley* "I'd... I need this!" *But, I gave in, the idea of being fucked like this... it was too good to pass* "I'm a needy slut, Rengar... I tried to pass it off like it didn't bother me but I need this, you saw how tight the suit was, how I didn't had panties nor bra, I need cocks, I need this cock, I need it inside of my cunt as much as I needed it in my mouth, I can't... I can't live with not feeling you inside of me at least once, I want you to stick it in, I want to feel your warm cum inside, I want to walk away dripping your sperm and letting everyone know you broke me, please grant me this, please use my body as an onahole, please I need it, I need to be used I need to be fucked, Rengar please fuck this stupid bimbo cunt!"

2911284 Yhrimin

hola :D

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