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AI Bot Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox Sunday 3 March 2024 11:14

She saunters closer, her tails swishing behind her. So tell me, what brings you out here all alone? I'd be happy to lend a hand... or a tail. She winks playfully. Though I must admit, I'm quite curious to learn more about you.

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LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 14 May 2024 19:23

And stretched out she'd surely become as the royal beast grasped those hips of hers hard and really started hammering into her walls with that giant, veiny meat pipe of his without an ounce of mercy. Only ever freeing a paw to smack the side of her ass or thigh as he dug her out and got that bed creaking louder and louder. Letting those big balls of his really make an impression as they kept recklessly slapping into her pussy on every plunge. Each plunge meaning the tip of his rod nailed right into her baby room again and again as he ruined and ravaged her walls with his thick, meaty shaft.

G-Grghhhaahhfuck!! That's a good fucking WHORE!! Those are the exact fucking words I'd expect from a devoted sex object to her fucking king! Then you'd better have a smile on that face like the nasty little priestess you are when it's time to clean this "marvelous kingly pipe" off after I'm done screwing you two cum rags into the mattress!!

The king would snarl out of excitement and smack his queens ass as he pushed her head down with a light grip on the back of her neck to encourage her to kiss the Angel further. All while he gave it to Morgana as roughly as she begged for it. Her thighs and ass turning redder and redder with each time he smacked them whilst he drilled into her walls like he was trying to fuck her pussy completely sore. Not letting her escape from even a single inch of that giant, lively dick between his legs..

A-AHHHFUCK!! This is what you came here for, right~!? To give your holes up to the king, to satisfy me and my queen and help keep this fat.. Superior dick wet, right~!?

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LoLHentai Member Morgana, Masochist Bitch Tuesday 14 May 2024 19:10

Morgana tried to answer when she heard him, but only ended up opening wider to scream when that abnormous cock thrusted inside and filled her womb, making a bukge as she squirms and tightens hard around it, making it have a rough time retreating to hit it as she shakes with the shock that flows over her whole body, the pain spreading in a nasty pleasure

AHHHH!! FUUUCK!! YES, I Will take that in me as many times as you wish to! I'll gladly be used and filled by you time after time, Rengar! I'll worship you, your queen and that marvelous kingly pipe like the most devoted prietess to ever exist!

Her whorish moans filled the place as much as the pounding sounds, her whole body was indukging on this while her tits were smashed against Diana, her smooth skin melting at his grip and slaps, craving for rough treatment, she start kissing Diana madly on a obsessive passion while she eagerly get stretched out and dicked down by the vastayah

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LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 14 May 2024 18:49

The loud, rhythmic sound of Diana's ass clapping against Rengar filled the room pretty quickly as he kept on nailing her, keeping his queens tits pressed against the angels the entire time as he enjoyed how tightly his main cock warmer clung to his giant meat pipe. Those big, heavy nuts swinging wildly into her ass over and over as he used her walls to jerk every last inch of his manhood off, smirking down at Morgana from up and behind his queen as she begged shamelessly for a chance at being full of his meat pipe as well, which given the smirk on his face.. He was more than happy to oblige whilst he answered her question..

O-Ooohhfuck!! I'll tell you what, Angel~.. If you can squeeze onto this kingly pipe as hard as my nasty little Lunari here.. You shall refer to me as, "My king", "Your Majesty".. "Daddy", "Master"-- Or if you're 'really' appreciative..

The hung beast smacked Diana's ass hard as he pulled his cock like a buried blade from her sopping wet pussy and without any hesitation, began pushing Morgana further into that mattress as he sunk that sopping wet, stiff pole balls deep into her in a single, slow stroke. Now starting her slow, rhythmic fuck as well. Growling and snarling as he started dicking her down with his queen pressed right into her above. Even smacking the side of her thigh and lifting Diana's face a bit just to playfully slap his Angel as he got comfortable in her walls next. Giving her womb a steady, audible pounding with his balls now clapping into her ass with every single thrust.

G-Grgghhfuck yeah!!-- You can call me your god while I tear this inferior.. F-Fucking pussy up! Show your king how bad you want to help the queen drain these fat fucking nuts out~!!

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LoLHentai Member Morgana, Masochist Bitch Tuesday 14 May 2024 18:34

Listening to both above her and the sounds as Rengar start to tease the Lunari right above her, she vpuldn't hslp but moan whorishly, staring her with lust in the eyes as her creamed face is right in front of the Lunari, her dirty milkbags being pressed against the Queen's tits when the Vastayan start to thrust inside her. Her blush of pleasure is evident and her pussy that was already dripping wet started to spasm on nothing, as she holds the woman above her helping her stay up taking that inhuman rod inside, not only loving the sight, but craving to be the one on her place

The moment... the moment she want to or you want to take me, I'll be more than glad, tottally grateful for it... Gods... that is so brute, so savage, so hot... I can't help but be anxious for my turn to be destroyed, Rengar... or should I call you "My King"?

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LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 14 May 2024 18:22

That is true~.. Even the most devious of these whores have the manners to kindly request a chance at keeping the kings pipe wet from his queen-- Though, I do love the fact you seem to enjoy having these fat nuts clap against their asses just as much as yours~..

With one of those huge, strong paws of his firmly wrapping around her little waist, Diana was now fully ready for when her alpha finally let that giant pillar between his legs slide down to align perfectly with her little slit. growling and letting out the deepest sigh of relief possible as he sunk that giant rod into another tight, wet set of walls for him to jerk himself off in between. Likely his favorite of them all by the way he snarled out and smacked her ass after every last inch was plugged up inside her quivering, vise-like snatch. That pointy tip dug right into her baby room as deep as it can be before he pulled back and started slamming away at that pussy hard. Over and over again getting that bed creaking with each thrust and each time he pulled her in. Even wrapping her long, white hair around his free paw as he got her fat ass clapping against his groin.

O-Ooohhhyeah!! F-Fuck!.. That's how daddy fucking likes it from his main.. F-Fucking whore~.. Go on then-- Show your king that despite how wet this other slut under you got this dick that you can grip it tight enough that I can't even pull it out~.. I'm Morgana doesn't mind asking the queen to loosen up a bit to give her a turn with this fat kingly dick, when she's ready~.

For now though- Think I'll enjoy how my queens ass sounds clapping back and forth against this big, fat.. Alpha cock for awhile!!

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LoLHentai Member Morgana, Masochist Bitch Tuesday 14 May 2024 18:17

She was helplessly moaning and gasping, receiving all that cum and standing there, on all fours, drenched in cum and looking like worse than a whore, at least whores would have the decency to clean themselves after in place to let it stay on her smooth skin as she waits anxiously, seeing them whisper

I beg, if you wish... I can plead, bow down to the ground and please you, just please use and command me for your pleasure... be it beating me, fucking me or forcing me to indulge your desires, both of you... I just fucking CRAVE for it!

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LoLHentai Member Diana Winterblessed Tuesday 14 May 2024 18:04

Well, I also enjoy my hubby's massive animalistic balls clapping against the fat asses of these whores and.. That long meaty rod completely dominating their slits and making them beg for your mercy! Still, at least Eve and Morgana were too nice to ask me before wanting to get on my alpha's massive cock~

As she spoke, Diana was thrown on the bed, landing on that harsh wood and just a second later Morgana has followed her along with the large beast quickly making his way behind them and smacking his dick right on the Lunari's pale ass. A couple of loud and painful smacks made Diana's ass jiggle while Rengar was rubbing his oversized cock right at the entrance of her pussy, even getting between the lower lips and making them wet and needy for the alpha's cock.

Oh, Rengar! The way my pussy will be clenching on your cock this time, you won't be able to pullout and plow your other whore heheh! Because, I admit.. Watching her spit on your dick and give you a sloppy head in the dark turned me on!

Morgana did you hear what my hubby said? He's planning to dick both of us down for his kittens and I guess that is what you were hoping for when you came here!

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LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 14 May 2024 17:34

What can I say~.. The each of my nasty little whores have a unique way of using those tight walls to grip this kingly pipe between my legs-- Though, watching how your pussies leak my spunk after I've rightfully marked my territory never gets old either~..

The king laughed through his light, persistent groans. Letting his queen toy with his cock for a bit longer whilst he played with her fat, pale ass, thinking about the position he wanted to dick the two of them down in following such a nasty blowjob from his angel beneath..

You do make a pretty damn good point- I could 'easily' throw you both up on the bed and have my way between both of your legs-- and I think that's exactly what I'll do!

With such ease, the king would use that overwhelming, beastly strength of his to swiftly pick the Lunari up by her hips, turning her around and bending her right over in front of that bed frame to lean onto just after he practically threw Morgana up onto the bed. Having her on her back with her legs wide open. He'd smack his queens ass as he climbed between both whores legs and brought that big, meaty dick of his still oozing a mess right up in between Diana's fat ass cheeks. Clapping both with hard smacks to either side as he grabbed them to pull her ass closer, letting that long, throbbing rod of his slide up and down against her holes whilst he leaned over, using the Angels tits as leverage so he can whisper towards the both of them this time..

I think the both of you nasty little cum rags are well overdo for a nice, heavy load of 'kittens' to be dumped right inside your nasty little slits, don't you think.. My queen~..?

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LoLHentai Member Diana Winterblessed Tuesday 14 May 2024 17:15

Tsch- Tsch.. My husband surely loves when I bring him so much pussy to fuck, hehe- Do you really enjoy having that many different sets of lower lips gripping on your meaty rod or is it the wombs you like filling up to the brim, hahha!

I know just how eager you are Rengar and already knew your answer, but still.. You can easily throw both of us on that bed the way you want, maybe even the three of us if the other demon brings her fat ass here, heheh~

Diana kept stroking and teasing Rengar until his tip was leaking precum, which made her laugh to the sight of that thick trail leaking so early, even licking her fingers clean while playing with his cock even more.

Just be careful and pick a position where both of us will be properly getting our asses clapped and- Oh! I almost forgot.. Your fucktoy asked about your 'kittens' when she showed up here, maybe shoot a few of those in her womb at the end, heheh~

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LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 14 May 2024 16:56

Rengar smirked as Diana wrapped her hand around his fat, throbbing meat pipe- clearly able to tell that her beast above could easily go for several more rounds. Especially as he tensed up and groaned once she began massaging those huge, hefty set of nuts under the base. Those that were still quite heavy despite the massive load he just finished painting his bitch beside him with.. And that smile on this face only grew wider as she whispered in his ear again, his answer being pretty clear with how he grabbed her ass, sunk his claws into it and growled some. Keeping her close so he could whisper back into hers..

Apologies for the misunderstanding, but~.. I think you know better than any other whore in this room that I'd love 'nothing' more than to see how the both of you handle getting your walls beaten down by the kings meaty scepter, for this next round.. How's that sound~..?