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31743 VISITS
78% Rating Score
18 September 2021 POSTED ON
Syndra Albums
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RDT_20210917_2137403885124740608139800.jpg JinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKataJinxThumbnailsKata

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 18 January 2022 10:54

*Each thrust became a bit more rough as you firmly wrapped your tits around my thick, veiny shaft. Making me shudder and chuckle a bit under my growing as you kept those innocent looking blue eyes up on mine while I shoved my huge, throbbing meat rod deeper both in between your tits, and down your throat even more, pushing close to half the length in to welcome more of that gagging and choking while I enjoyed fucking your mouth as well as both your big, perky tits. Precum starting to dribble and spurt from the tip the harder you blew me.*

M-MGRH— F-Fucking-.. Cum toilet~!! G-Grghh— it’s like your tits belong around this big fucking dick, huh!? Choke on that big beast dick some more then you t-thirsty little bitch.. I want it covered in your saliva from base to tip~…

LoLHentai Member Slutty Seraphine Monday 17 January 2022 15:41

*My lips are tightly wrapped around your big tip sucking you of. Meanwhile my blue eyes look directly into your eyes like a good obedient slut. Your big hand spank my fat ass causing it to wiggle and me to softly moan around your cock. As soon as you started to follow my movements with your hips I press my tits tigtly around your shaft making it possible for you to fuck them too. When 1/4 of your cock went down my throat you can hear me slightly begin to chocke.*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Friday 31 December 2021 01:32

Mmmmhehe.. Well by all means- enjoy every last inch I have to offer, a beasts nuts hardly ever run dry~..

*My gruff moaning would start to pick up once again and my grip on your hair loosened a a bit as you began licking my huge, heavy balls clean of the mess that'd dribbled down too them from the sloppy creampie still oozing out of your little cunt between your legs beneath. My legs would tense up as well upon the next few kisses upon them and the soft one you placed right on the sensitive tip again before you once again got me to spank you as hard as I could from above when you wrapped your lips tightly around my meaty, throbbing member and began slowly taking me further and further down your tight little throat with the help of your pink locks still in my hand, keeping my fierce, hungry gaze on your big blue eyes the entire time as I began slowly following my hips with your head movements to start fucking your throat.*

S-Shit-- Fuck~... N-Ngghh.. G-Grghh. I guess this lovely little mouth and throat of yours is good for a lot more than singing~... N-Nasty little whore-- Fuck.. I'm gonna need to make 'a lot' more visits down to your lane, Sera~.

LoLHentai Member Slutty Seraphine Thursday 30 December 2021 20:41

Hmm your cum~ It tastes so good I can't get enough of it. Blowing you? Of course I would like to suck at this huge cock of yours

*As soon as I finished cleaning your huge and monstreous cock from this tasty cock I started to drag my tongue over your huge and heavy set of nuts. Meanwhile you grope my tits causing me to moan softly from time to time. After also finishing cleaning your cock I place a kiss on them. Then I start to focus on your tip. I place a kiss on it again and then lay my lips tightly around it. Immediatly I start to suck at it and slowly take a bit more of it down my throat.*

Yes. I enjoy it so much. Sucking at this huge veiny monstroues cock. It tasts so good~

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Thursday 30 December 2021 20:05

M-Mhhh... Well feel free to enjoy every last drop- you may as well even blow this beast while you're down there since you seemed to love the taste of my precum alone~.

*I'd immediately welcome your head in between my legs with a smirk across my face, admiring the sight of my huge, cum-covered cock hovering over your face until you began thirstily licking from base to the huge, sensitive head- which'd make me shudder and grip your hair harder each time you did just that, getting me to lean over and smack your ass hard, and approvingly, chuckling a bit as I then reached down to grope your tits whilst you worshiped my cock and admired the taste with an alluring smile on your face.*

G-Gghhhfuck that's good~.. I may be good at fucking thirsty little sluts like yourself but you are damn sure good at treating a cock as fat as mine properly, hehe~.. Enjoying yourself down there?

LoLHentai Member Slutty Seraphine Thursday 30 December 2021 19:47

Hmm~ Yes. Yes I'm ready please give me your alpha cum. I can't wait to get filled with your cum~

*While you thrust into me while I had my intense orgasm my whole body is shaking and I'm moaning loudly. My hands still hold onto your fur. Your big hand spank my ass again and I yelp then immedeatly after your big cock starts filling me with your thicc cum. Completly sending me over the clif and not beeing able to speak anymore. Just a moaning and sometimes screaming mess. I can feel how your hot cum starts to fill my baby room. Slowly my moaning gets quiter. Soon after I cam down from my high and look down on me. Now seeing the bulge in my belly and the cum travelling slowly out of my pussy down to your huge and heavy nuts. I then look up to you again.*

You're so fucking good at fucking sluts~ That was the best orgasm I've ever had. Thank you for fucking me with that dick of yours~

*I enjoy your cock still in my pussy but not moan to loud. Just softly from time to time but then you suddently started lifting and smacking me again which let louder moan escape my mouth.*

I surely will never get enough of getting fucked by your monstreous, veiny and huge cock.... What really? Thank you so much for that~ I can't wait to taste your cum again~

*I slowly get down on my knees between your legs and look up at you with a wide smile on my lips. Your big dick is hanging over my face and I start to drag my tongue from the base all the way up to the tip placing a little kiss there.*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Wednesday 29 December 2021 15:41

M-MGHHH--Fuck~!!.. Then I hope this little womb of yours is ready for a real alpha's baby batter you little slut~!!

*I'd groan loudly and chuckle to myself as you had your intense orgasm atop my giant, throbbing dick, still keeping my face buried in between your tits as I myself got closer and closer to blowing my load with every single thrust. Your moans and screams in combination making my ears constantly perk up until I too would be sent over with a loud, hard spank across your ass and a howl under my deep growl as my meatpole began exploding inside you, letting these thick, hot ropes of my beastly sperm right out and into your baby room over and over again until it was full to the brim, to which would let all the rest stain your walls and dribble down what bit of my girthy shaft was present to the eye, staying balls deep with a nice bulge in your belly still while all that warm nut came gushing out and down my huge, heavy set of nuts.*

G-Ghhhg- Shit~!! S-Shit that's a good fucking girl~!.. That's how I'd expect a little star like you to take some dick.. O-Ohhfuck~.

*I'd keep my cock buried up inside you, the sloppy, white mess it all was but continued spreading and smacking your ass a bit, lifting you up a tiny bit just to enjoy having my meat rod still stuffed up inside your cum-drenched slit for a moment.*

Don't think I'll ever get tired of having an ass like yours clapping against my massive cock~.. You're free to get down there and get that much awaited taste, Seraphine~.

LoLHentai Member Slutty Seraphine Wednesday 29 December 2021 14:40

*I start to speed up my bouncing. My ass clapping loudly against your lap over and over again. While my mouth is wide open and severeal loud moans escape. You grapping my little wait and my ass controlling my body make me even wetter. When you start to drag your muzzle over my bare tits a shiver runs through my body. Then you start to lick them. This causes me to get over the edge and I start cumming with a loud moan. Stopping my movements for a few seconds and also getting even tighter. While cumming I look down and see the big bulge you're creating with your dick in my belly.*

Your so good. Mhm such a big cock is fucking me. I can't wait to get filled by your cum~

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Wednesday 29 December 2021 14:18

N-Ngghehehe, just keep fucking bouncing then you t-tight little whore~...

*I'd keep impaling you down on this long, girthy cock of mine, driving every last inch possible inside you and making sure you wouldn't be able to pull away from any bit of it even if you tried with how tight a grip I had on your little waist and your perfect little ass. All the while having it clap against my lap loudly over and over, I'd move your body a bit closer and run my muzzle down to your tits, letting them bounce in my face freely whilst nibbling or licking on the each of them, one after the other despite increasing my pace and starting to jerk myself off inside you only more and more aggressively, at this point abusing your baby room as much as I can with these merciless, rapid thrusts.*

H-Hgghhhfuck!! Cum all you want on that big, beastly dick Seraphine-- I won't slow down for even a second until I make a nice, creamy mess of this- M-Mfghh... Perfect little snatch~...

LoLHentai Member Slutty Seraphine Wednesday 29 December 2021 14:04

Mgm shit ... you are so big. Shit it feels so good

* You tear my shirt and my big tits are now visible to you my nipples have already become hard from all the lust. Loud moans escape my mouth while you ram your huge cock into me again and again while you move my body up and down. When your big hands start to massage my breasts, I grip your fur with my hand. I'm already approaching my first orgasm and that's why my pussy is getting a little tighter. *

Yes mold my pussy in shape of your huge cock. Your making me feel so fucking good. I'm so close ~