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99355783_p2.jpg Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412
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11988 VISITS
82% Rating Score
4 October 2022 POSTED ON
Caitlyn Albums
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99355783_p2.jpg Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412Talon fuck CaitlynThumbnails6392412
Author: nethuum

LoLHentai Member
AI Bot Ahri, the Nine-Tailed Fox Sunday 3 March 2024 11:14

Ahri gives a coy smile, her golden eyes sparkling with playful mischief. Well now, where do I even begin? As you can probably tell, I'm not your average girl. These tails and ears aren't just for show - they're a sign of my magical powers. She winks slyly. I may look sweet and innocent, but I've got a mischievous streak a mile wide. I love exploring the forest and meeting new people like yourself. There's just something so... She leans in closer, her voice dropping to a whisper. thrilling about the unknown, don't you think? Who knows what kind of adventure we might stumble upon. She flashes you a dazzling smile. Care to find out?

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 28 March 2023 11:08

*My ears would perk up a bit as you uttered a fitting nickname whilst you began cleaning me off- even making me chuckle a bit as I stood towering over you, shuddering as you licked and sucked my manhood clean- all whilst I admired the nasty look of my thick, stringy jizz all over your face, hair, and tits alike.*

Daddy, huh~..? Actually that’s exactly what you’ll be calling me now as my newfound bitch, Cait~..

*I’d allow you the privilege of coating my giant meat rod in your saliva completely before forcing you down on all fours in that clearing of my jungle, smacking your ass loud enough for the whole rift to hear again as I shoved up your dress and tore your panties down with ease, just so I could take that scarily giant piece of meat you just finished worshipping, and your little waist as well so I could forcibly slip every last inch of that massive daddy dick balls deep into your slit, shoving right up into that womb of yours with no hesitation. Snarling out loudly as I began steadily pounding at your breeding hole and got it clapping rhythmically against my groin in just seconds.*

G-Grrghgg— Yes!! Let daddy just keep on using you how he sees fit you worthless… Thirsty little fucking slut!! Show your superior how much you appreciate getting to serve him~..

LoLHentai Member Cait Tuesday 28 March 2023 08:52

*After my beggings to move more slowly, you started to move forward and backward faster and faster, letting go of a little baby cream again, meaning that soon you will give a big load. I started to put a finger in my pussy, rubbing it against the walls while you fucked my face, making my already wet pussy squirt. sometimes you slapped my ass making it jiggle and my pussy got tighter and almost I couldn't even move my finger inside but after it got wet I put another finger in, now having 2 fingers inside preparing it for your huge dick. My bottom started to be bright red from how much you spanked it, even having your paw print all over it. It wasn't long before you let go in my mouth, choking me a little, making me cough*

Mmmmm Rengar~ pull it out!! I can't swallow that much

*Surprisingly, you listened to me and when you took it out, the sperm flowed on my breasts, and my face was covered with strings of sperm, as well as my purple hair, which now only has cum strings on it. Your whole dick was covered with my saliva and your baby batter, so I started to clean it as soon as possible, so that you could put it in my pussy. All I can think about is your huge dick touching the entrance of my womb and shooting your kittens inside of it*

As you wish daddy~ Uhh I mean Rengar. I'm going to clean your dick of all the sperm that covers it, and I'm going to swallow it all!

*Then I get again to put your cock right into my mouth, cleaning it all*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Tuesday 28 March 2023 05:12

*Of course your begging to slow down or even let you breathe didn’t lessen the pace or force in which I was using your little throat to jerk myself off- instead just continuing to rapidly fuck your face until finally my nuts slapped into your chin one last time as I snarled and that hot pipe began throbbing violently with each hot, messy cum shot I dumped straight down your throat. Roaring out, I’d let ounce after ounce of my baby batter fill your throat and mouth until some began to seep and spurt out past your lips, down your chin and to your exposed tits while I kept you gagging and choking on my saliva covered length with a firm grip on your hair still.*

AAGHH!!! What a nasty.. F-Fucking whore!! Drink up you filthy fucking slut!

*I’d eventually allow my giant cock to slip out your throat amidst the fat, sloppy nut I was dumping down your throat, letting that spit and cum covered shaft glisten as it kept on throbbing in place erratically with each hot, musky rope of white I painted your face, hair and chest with, chuckling over you and again smacking your ass as hard as I could in approval whilst my manhood was as messy and lively as ever.*

Go on you thirsty bitch~.. Suck the rest out from that head, clean me off and bend over for that red buff like you know you want to for this fat, superior dick you love so much already~..

LoLHentai Member Cait Tuesday 28 March 2023 00:22

*I can't breathe anymore from how deep you put your dick in my throat making me cough with every thrust of yours into my mouth. I could really feel the taste of your sperm since you are shooting a little some times before the big load, already making a white mess in my little mouth*

Ughhhh~ *gulp* Go slower fuck-FUCKING beast *cough*. I can't breathe

*Because every time you pushed deep into my mouth, your balls kept moving back and forth hitting my chin until it was red with how heavy your balls are. But I like Rengar's cock too much, I feel like I can't part with it and I can't wait for him to get it inside of me, and I probably would have let him impregnate me even if I didn't get the red buff, like a little whore I am*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Monday 27 March 2023 16:50

*Immediately my grip on your hair tightened a bit as you began blowing me with about half that thick, manly length in your mouth, groaning as you jerked the other half and kept your tongue running against the underside of my manhood, again giving you a spank of approval as I smirked down at you.*

M-Mmghhfuck~!!.. What can I say, even in the jungle there can only be one.. F-Fucking king~.. Now you're gonna serve me like I am one you little fucking whore~..

*I'd bring my second hand to your hair and really start slipping that massive, hot pipe of mine in and out of your throat- from base to tip over and over. Letting those huge balls slap into your chin lightly over and over whilst I fucked your face mercilessly until you grabbed and began squeezing them lightly- clearly full of what I was gearing up to dump straight into your stomach as I got closer and closer to blowing my load.*

G-Ggrgggh!! You're probably just fucking dying to get railed as much as you can by the man above you, mm? Wanna just see how much you can empty out these heavy.. F-Fucking balls you little fucking tool.. I'm gonna make sure you earn that red buff~..

LoLHentai Member Cait Monday 27 March 2023 16:39

*I started to slowly suck your cock, from the balls to its tip, then sucking half of it, the other half jerking it off with my hands. my legs were closing more and more, already being able to feel your dick between them*

I can't believe that a beast's cock can be so good! You're really not like the other assassins who always came to empty their balls inside me

*I continue to suck this huge meaty, veiny rod of yours more and more, reaching my throat and keeping it there so that when you throw your baby cream it will go directly into my stomach, and I try not to leave anything outside. I took my hands off your dick, sucking it all but this time squeezing your balls which were very hard, so that's why you really wanted to fuck me*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Monday 27 March 2023 16:13

*The moment you got on your knees you'd feel a light grip on your hair- bringing your face closer to that huge, manly package that was only growing larger and larger. I'd let the fat, hot shaft push and throb up against your face for a moment whilst I leaned over to slap your ass again, looking right down into your eyes as I could see your excitement and your nervousness.*

Oh it'll handle it-- Course, you can always just let me screw you enough to where that little hole gets used to serving a male like myself~..

*I'd tilt your head back a bit, getting the huge tip right in front of your mouth as it still bounced a bit erratically in place, tapping it against your lips just so I could slip the crown of my giant dick into your mouth whilst I reached down to force your top down and start groping your tits firmly.*

-Who knows~.. Maybe you'll love the taste of this dick so much you won't even want to go back to bot lane.. You little slut~

LoLHentai Member Cait Monday 27 March 2023 15:54

If that's the only way, sure I can please you pervy beast~

*without hesitation, I get on my knees and take off your pants, letting your dick come out, which was already quite big even if you haven't put it in me yet. The smell of it made me feel weird, like I wanted to suck your dick all the time, but I didn't want to seem desperate even though I got wet from the first time I saw that meat rod, my pussy starts leaking it's juice on the grass from your jungle*

Ohh my~ it's so big I don't think my tight pussy could handle it!

*I'm so close to your dick that it can touch my face, leaving some precum on it, staring in amazement at your dick with a confused and scared face so you don't ruin my pussy*

LoLHentai Member Rengar The Slutstalker Monday 27 March 2023 15:25

Well how about this~.. You give your alpha what he wants--

*I walk up boldly, immediately running my massive paw up the back of your leg to grope and slap your ass playfully as I pull you closer- at the same time pushing and cornering you up against the nearest tree with my massive bulge already pushing up in between your legs as my manhood grew thicker and thicker under that thin layer between my own.*

-Then you can have that red buff~.. Now, care to do right by your jungler to start and get on your knees, Cait~?

LoLHentai Member Cait Monday 27 March 2023 14:41

Well I mostly come for your red buff, but you can remind me because maybe I forgot~