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this is why i pick them to be the best couple for each other in lol .

why i say Lucian x karma is better add alot of players say there are a good couple

1. luican/ Karma in early game , just upgrading there Q can get soo deadly an powerful .
2.luican/karma in mid game can steal Become a dead team( look at Cloud 9 with lacain an lucain , they even show it alot )
3. Lucain /karma are with her speed boost can easy give lucain act speed ( fomr 1.25 to 2.00 ) that a jinx act speed , an with luican
damage a lvl 6 or 8 ( witch if the player is playing right , can he can be doing 230-300 Damage , with just once hit an with that act speed Karma give him
he can easy kill an stop alot of feed canes.

4. if you not a pro player , if you don't watch Lucian/karma with each other they can easy over come your lane , even when you are a higher lvl or have more gold
5. Lucian and Karma are the best ADC lane champions ever
6. Lucian an karma are champions people don't respect at all , but in the game they are bad .
7 Lucian an karma , with her stun can easy help Lucian with his W , and act boost
8. Lucian can easy stand up to udyr even when his feed
9. Lucien/karma get stronger in late games fast an quick ( like kat or yi )
10. Top players around the world an that have mostly won world games have played an wont with Lucian an karma combo all the time .
11. karma Ult is proven that it the best support an aid to Lucian in a team fight .
12. Karma can easy give luican a speen boost when lucain use his W in a fight . witch will help lucain
13. also the only black people on the game that we can say they are. ( but if nasus, amumu, ranger,brand , Renekton,Gnar and Azir ) are also black
people if they was human too XD .

an many more about karma and Lucian that can be a good an the best couple for each other ( not that thresh x Lucian that don't make any since at all seeing the fact they hate each other sooo much)
and i know for a fact Lucian is not gay .

I believe the reason why Lucian and Karma work so well together is because both of them make up each other's flaws.Karma lacks really good peeling, while Lucian has good self-disengagement. Lucian has no real good way to stick to his target, but Karma has the shield/haste, and slowing power to help Lucian secure the kills and keep up with his enemies.

all rights below to roit games not me

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Monday 27 February 2017 18:41
bare is 4 fite! Reply  
Saturday 28 February 2015 02:34
any one what to rp ^^ Reply  
Monday 2 February 2015 18:21
love this alot Reply  

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