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Lady of Luminosity
Tuesday 16 January 2018 18:46
What you think I am, Lulu? Can't make them bigger.... and yes I know I'm being lewd Reply  
Tuesday 16 January 2018 04:48
Bonjour, bonsoir, je suis un jeune trans de 16 ans pas encore hormonée à la recherche d'une maîtresse pour s'occuper de moi de manière virtuel, ou plus si affinités

Mon discord: Jessica#1992
Mon skype: orochi95800 Reply  
Little Scout
Tuesday 16 January 2018 04:47
For sure i would love to give you mine! Reply  
Tuesday 16 January 2018 03:21
well here you have one to use as you wish ^^ Reply  
Your Slut
Tuesday 16 January 2018 02:58
here are some nice cocks I would like to have inside me Reply  
League ERP
Monday 15 January 2018 21:38
Come Join our league ERP discord server. https://discord.gg/45C4BFa
Q: What is this server about?
A: This server is to make it easier for people to find a roleplay partner.
Q: Can I roleplay as an OC?(Original character)
A: Yes you may do that, but remember that most people will want to roleplay as league characters and in scenarios related to league of legends.
//. Reply  
Monday 15 January 2018 14:28
Do you want to be fucked? To be taken? To have all your holes filled with various cocks? Do you want to hold your friends hand while you are both bent over and used? Do you know League of Legends? If you answered yes to all of this, I'd love to hear from you! I am currently looking for people to join a group RP! You'll get to wear a small, revealing uniform while fighting hordes of monsters of minions alike as well as humanoid generals. It's a lost cause, but someones got to do it! If you want to experience practically every kink under the sun and accept your defeat by having yourself filled with human, tentacle, and exotic cocks alike, send me a DM - MegaManRocks#0321 Reply  
Twistet Fate the lucky fucker
Monday 15 January 2018 10:45
yeah i know that was harsh. i'm sorry Reply  
Fiora, The Grand Duelist.
Monday 15 January 2018 10:37
Twistet Fate the lucky fucker
Monday 15 January 2018 10:36
but does he want you ? or do you rape ? MONSTER! Reply  

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