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Xayah-League-of-Legends-фэндомы-LoL-porn-4300479 The True Katarina @ Exiled with a dick : *The redhead had the woman in her grasp, her cruel nature started to kick in and thus she started to tease her lover by pressing the tip of her member against the tight hole between those bubbly firm asscheek. The assassin loved to toy with her prey, and to see her lover, panting, shivering and squirming by her touch made Katarina even more excited. Her hand slowly left Riven's asscheek, making it's way towards her neck and taking a hold of it firmly. She deprived Riven of air for a little bit, just enough as her member slowly started to invade the warrior's tight hole. The tip forced wide open the small ring, making it's way inside as the redhead leaned closer. Her lips brushed against Riven's ear, her hot breath brushed against the skin as she gently bit her earlobe and whispered "Oh yes indeed. Let me return the favor" Katarina said in a low tone. In the mean time her other hand left Riven's ass as well, traveling to the front of the warrior's body while her hips kept making forward to plunge her dagger deeper into the woman's hole. She got a hold of Riven's sword, peeling the foreskin back and taking control of the woman's hips, forcing them against her slow thrust.

265124 Sona Pentakill I wonder if Ahri is enjoying it or she isn't. All I can tell is I would.

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