2547865 - Irelia League of Legends Satiny SoapSoto @ 15y/o : I understood that reference

2548917 - Ahri League of Legends sakimichan SoapSoto @ The Little Foxy : *I smile at her after what she does, and point her the direction to my house*
This way, we'll arrive there in 5 minutes. You can take my shirt if you want to cover yourself but normally there aren't many people around here.

2548917 - Ahri League of Legends sakimichan The Little Foxy @ Rengar The Assstalker
@ SoapSoto

*i glance at Rengar, gently biting my lower lip as i see him approach with his muscular arms a-* w-what? *i ask slightly confused and turn my head back around to SoapSoto, having partially forgotten about him at this point* clothes? Right... yes! *i mumble still rather confused and not without stealing another quick glimpse of Rengar still approaching* That would be great... *i say with a gentle look towards SoapSoto, yet with quickly wiggling tails... before turning my head back at Rengar for a brief moment* ...maybe... but definitely not another Trophy of yours... especially after what happend with Illaoi *i say with a slight smirk anf a wink before gently approaching SoapSoto*

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