f92d5e4bc0d33744cf9f2ead8c6846b4 luxipole Oh I want to be him so bad ...

Ahri-League-of-Legends--LoL-Ero-4700126 NerdyAss69 Stop feeding Ahri!!! She will rape us like this in late :3

2581544-League of Legends-Tristana-conoghi-yordle Shen, The Horny Ninja @ Sejuani, the real Queen :

Show us some of your fake nudes, so we can dream its you ;D

4f524f1126add326517353a8c0d430a6 Shen, The Horny Ninja @ SexyKindred :

I like that look in your eyes :P

66293375 p0 master1200 Kir_VastayafromPiltover @ Ekko, the boy who shattered the time : Can't do much *Pats your shoulder* but you would look cute and badass in Star Guardian suit

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