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Thursday 12 April 2018 07:58
i need a mistress when some girl wants dirtytalk + love to dominate mans add me on discord †ĐłɆ₮Ø฿ⱠɆⱤØ₦Ɇ†#7205 Reply  
Monday 9 April 2018 22:56
Yes you do :D and tou got it :) Reply  
Kayn hidden in the Dark
Monday 9 April 2018 10:43
I wish to be under women control... I really have enough of Zed... Reply  
Monday 9 April 2018 07:53
To NaN
kkkkkkkkkk bom nick. Reply  
The True Katarina
Monday 9 April 2018 06:10
Now that is something I can get behind~ Reply  
Garen the might of Dickmacia
Monday 9 April 2018 05:42

"Finally we are getting some action here"
*Seeing you get serious I grin, lowering my head just in time to dodge the arrows as I speed up, dashing at you, my sword swinging to the front as I launge into the air, crashing down at your position* Reply  
Queen Ashe
Monday 9 April 2018 05:32
*A couple of arrows where drawn, just noticing how he regenerated... probably under summoner magic.. which meant that I couldn't hold back, I launched both straight into your eye sockets* Reply  
Garen the might of Dickmacia
Monday 9 April 2018 05:29

*My regeneration instantly closes the wound*
"I hope you arent holding back still, because you need alot more to make me even feel your attacks"
*Still moving towards you, not slowing down*
"Maybe cry for help? isn't that the way you are used to fight? having someone taking care of you because you can't do it on your own" Reply  
Queen Ashe
Monday 9 April 2018 05:24
*That being said I launched another, making a cut onto your face* "I went easy on that wave... don't want to kill what I don't need to" Reply  
Garen the might of Dickmacia
Monday 9 April 2018 05:11
"I hope you didn't try to hard, it doesn't even tickle"
*Grabs the arrow shaft, ripping them out the armor*
"If this is all you have then I must apologize, I thought that bow of yours was special, but in the end it's just as ordinary as you."
*I crack my neck, slowly starting to walk towards you with a huge grin*
"Try to entertain me a bit before you lose" Reply  

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