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By CrownGuard
Garen x Female Champion. Medium to long term prefered.
Plots may contain 1 to 3 of the above Traits. Feel free to add ideas.
NSFW/Clean allowed I don't mind either. :)

Depending on the champion bring used, will decide the plot. Here is some ideas, feel free to bring your own.

Lost connection, Missing person of interest, and Person in need.

Like I said those are a few I have more. Here is the main Intro to start. Secondary character, can be played by myself or whoever joins Respectivly. As in If Lux is needed in a scene the female would play it. If Jarven is needed I would and etc.

Garen, as spent along time in the field. Tired, weak, and homesick he made his way back to Demacia. It was late, as he walked through the gates. He slowly made his way to his home, which lied just outside the Royal Gates. This was the house he had outside the Crown Guard. He got the door, unlocking it he stepped inside. Setting his back and armor on the table he walked to the kitchen finding a Figure standing in the dark. He turned the light on to see who was there.

Forgive me ahead of time, but I am new to the rules of Rp here and still learning!!
By frost the elemental
I'll do it. It will be interesting
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