Only Completed Skins
By gatts
Billy McCool wrote:
sinoj961 wrote:
Billy McCool wrote:
aqfqfq wrote:Link for download is broken, could you please re-upload the files?

The files don't work anymore since they changed LoL. If the community comes back and there's a way to make them work I'll post it here.

you can make them work though i got em working like weeks ago pepole are properly just to lazy to bother editing it since you have to change each file in a wad one file at a time (posted in 'help and support' on how to do it)

Well, cool! I'll check your post there and try it out. I think I still have the Cass files, too- I'll check when I go through the process.
Share cass files, if you have them please
By Sluthri
Do these mods still work? If so, how? I'd love to get a working edition of moonkind's MF model. Thanks for any information on this matter and any help.

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