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Slutty Katarina
Sunday 26 August 2018 00:46
? Reply  
May I add~
Wednesday 22 August 2018 16:41
Slutty Katarina
Thursday 9 August 2018 23:44
. Reply  
Ekko The Sandstorm
Tuesday 7 August 2018 06:14
. Reply  
Monday 6 August 2018 23:26
i hate playing Kat but shes so sexy Reply  
Kai\'sa, Void Slut
Sunday 5 August 2018 19:08
I know im still trying to respond to everyone, but if you want to roleplay, add my skype! Kai'sa, Void Slut. im looking for group roleplays with two females and one male, just need another girl and guy, hope to talk to you all soon~ Reply  
Project Ashe
Sunday 5 August 2018 18:43
*Gasping out as you took control over me in this way, I tried to struggle but the feeling onto my breasts was keeping me locked into this tight embrace, holding down my moans as much as I could as my face became more and more red, hot… giving into it as much as I hated it* Reply  
Volibear the horny Bear
Sunday 5 August 2018 18:17
More sensitiv ? Oh this will be fun! *He puts his Arm around her Waist and holds her close to him and starts to play with her tits. He squeezes her tits, softly twists her Nipples and laughs a bit* You look pretty cute like that you know that ? (Sadly i have to go now for a while. If you want, we can continue later on Discord. Otherwise i'll see you later. hopefully ^^ Volibear
#2893 Reply  
Project Ashe
Sunday 5 August 2018 18:12
"Against all odds… and just to annoy me... it was made… more sensitive" *I said, closing my eye a bit forcefully as I felt your claws touching onto my body, holding any bit of moan in desperation* Reply  
Volibear the horny Bear
Sunday 5 August 2018 18:07
Well that was way easier than i thought it would be. You're a good...Girl ? *With one of his Claws he caresses her Cheeks befor moving down to her Breast* It kinda feels like Human skin...is it sensitiv too ? Reply  

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