11.jpg Thumbnails2-14-18 Vayne Quinn SuccThumbnails2-14-18 Vayne Quinn SuccThumbnails2-14-18 Vayne Quinn SuccThumbnails2-14-18 Vayne Quinn Succ
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My name is yi ( project yi )
Wednesday 14 March 2018 03:37
Looks like leona is having fun. Better than stunning me every teamfight for sure Reply  
Rengar The Assstalker
Tuesday 13 March 2018 00:51
@ Diana, the Lunari Buttslut : Can you help me too? Reply  
Tuesday 13 March 2018 00:50
@ Slutty Sarah : help me baby , add on my discord AnexoSh#9553 Reply  
Tuesday 13 March 2018 00:49
@ Diana, the Lunari Buttslut : what would? Reply  
League ERP
Monday 12 March 2018 10:13
Come Join our league ERP discord server. https://discord.gg/45C4BFa

What is league erp, and why should you join!

League ERP is a server dedicated to erotic roleplay, and League of Legends, as the name implies. Regardless of that, original characters (OC) are more than welcomed to join in the fun. The server has many different channels, including a variety of roleplaying settings, NSFW channels for the lewd art, and NSFW chats for the lewd talk! There is also an LFP (Looking for Partner) channel, which can be helpful to find a roleplaying partner or group or perhaps even find someone to play games with. We have guidelines on how to set up your post in that section, as a way to increase your chances to find the right person, just remember to be descriptive and patient.
@ Mesco0815 : @ Diana, the Lunari Buttslut : @ Slutty Sarah : @ Shen, the Cock of Twilight : @ mexahri : Reply  
Monday 12 March 2018 03:06
@D[email protected] Diana, the Lunari Buttslut : What's your price dear? Reply  
Slutty Sarah
Saturday 10 March 2018 23:55
@ Shen, the Cock of Twilight : I love hard cocks. I could help ;) Reply  
Diana, the Lunari Buttslut
Friday 9 March 2018 04:04
@ Shen, the Cock of Twilight : I could do something to help you, but I have my price Reply  
Shen, the Cock of Twilight
Sunday 4 March 2018 21:24
demons with this image my cock got hard, hopefully someone will help me Reply  
Sunday 4 March 2018 08:56
hello, im searching a miss fortune.. you know...dirty things :3
add me on discord.. mariokf115xsona#9481 Reply