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The True Katarina
Wednesday 8 August 2018 21:00
@ Exiled with a dick : "Mmm I can see why you enjoy this so much. I ungh am still surprised by your stamina, but don't ungh worry I won't take that long with you" Katarina said as she felt Riven's ass slowly stretching to match her own size and girth. The sound of her crotch slapping her lovers ass had a nice ring to her ears. It wasn't exactly revenge, it was more like... returning a favor each time her hand spanked Riven's ass. Plus the view of the famous warrior's rear bouncing against her lap with her printed red on the skin was quite arousing. Katarina started to increase her pase, her tip gently prodding against Riven's prostate with each thrust. Her hand reached out to gently get a hold of the ashen hair of her lover. Her heart was pounding with lust and passion yet she couldn't restrain her sadistic nature. She tugged on the woman's hair a bit and with a sharp tone she said* "Move your hips" Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Monday 6 August 2018 11:05
@ The True Katarina : *Riven extends her arms as she gets pushed, going on her fours and timidly looking back as Katarina starts doing to her what, not too long ago, Riven was doing to the redhead. Until Katarina starts moving, the exiled had her lower lip locked between her teeth, when she picks up the pace, she can't help but to release a series of throaty moans as her blade bounces around, her toned ass gives small, firm jiggles everytime its smacked and a weird but wonderful feeling rushes through her nerves everytime her heavy sack is slammed by Katarina's.* Reply  
The True Katarina
Tuesday 31 July 2018 20:39
@ Exiled with a dick : *The redhead then pushed Riven forward, forcing her to get onto her fours as she placed both of her hands on those wide hips. Her hand gave the pale rear a harsh smack and then she started to roughly thrust her cock in and out. Her cock reached the depths of Riven's expanding hole, her own balls were spanking her lovers with each forward thrust* Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Tuesday 24 July 2018 21:04
@ The True Katarina : *Riven's legs loses a bit of their strenght as her butt gives in to the invasor. The intensity of her breath increases and her lips gives no resistence to the invading fingers. Her hips iddly hump Katarina's hand as she instintively tries to get it some stimulation. Her butt keeps contracting and relaxing, giving repetitive squeezes against the assassin's dagger, definitively unused, but not resisting it.* Reply  
The True Katarina
Monday 23 July 2018 20:01
*As Katarina's grip tightened around Riven's throat, the noxian's tip finally made it past the tight ring of her lover's tight hole. Katarina's fingers soon leave Riven's neck and letting her breathe once again and instead they started to venture even further up towards the woman's lips. The redhead pushed her middle finger against Riven's lips, her other hand was softly peeling back and forth Riven's foreskin. Her own cock was slowly forcing more and more inches inside Riven's ass, her cock slowly vanishing between those toned warrior buttcheek.*

(I am actually very glad to see that you are back. I...uh missed you :o ) Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Sunday 22 July 2018 01:04
@ The True Katarina : *Riven looks back slighly as she gets teased by the redhead. Her eyes shows lust and need, and her lip, locked between her teeth, only accentuates that. Even without showing her expression, her back hole just keeps winking against the soon-to-be invasor, and though she wanted it badly, she waited patiently. She becomes concerned when Katarina starts squeezing her neck. Had she overdid it and now the woman wants revenge? She holds the assassin's wrist, and she could probably overpower her on that regard, but she hesitated. Thankfully, the assassin means no harm, and despite getting, indeed, backstabbed. This was the stab she asked for and the dagger used to it means no harm. Well, actually, it hurts quite a lot giving its size in her underused backdoor, but the whisper on her ear and the hand on her cock helps numbing the pain. She reserves her own silence for the time being, though her breathing is still heavy, easily forming pants and, at times, moans.*

(I'm back. Sorry it took so long.) Reply  
The True Katarina
Thursday 21 June 2018 21:20
@ Exiled with a dick : (No worries. Do your best and I will try to find a way to reward you if you do well!) Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Thursday 21 June 2018 11:35
@ The True Katarina : (I'm dealing with end of semester shenanigans here. I still want to continue, but my next reply will still take a little while.) Reply  
The True Katarina
Sunday 17 June 2018 21:48
@ Exiled with a dick : *The redhead had the woman in her grasp, her cruel nature started to kick in and thus she started to tease her lover by pressing the tip of her member against the tight hole between those bubbly firm asscheek. The assassin loved to toy with her prey, and to see her lover, panting, shivering and squirming by her touch made Katarina even more excited. Her hand slowly left Riven's asscheek, making it's way towards her neck and taking a hold of it firmly. She deprived Riven of air for a little bit, just enough as her member slowly started to invade the warrior's tight hole. The tip forced wide open the small ring, making it's way inside as the redhead leaned closer. Her lips brushed against Riven's ear, her hot breath brushed against the skin as she gently bit her earlobe and whispered "Oh yes indeed. Let me return the favor" Katarina said in a low tone. In the mean time her other hand left Riven's ass as well, traveling to the front of the warrior's body while her hips kept making forward to plunge her dagger deeper into the woman's hole. She got a hold of Riven's sword, peeling the foreskin back and taking control of the woman's hips, forcing them against her slow thrust. Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Wednesday 13 June 2018 19:56
@ The True Katarina : *Katarina's predatory eyes brought a blush on Riven's cheeks. The redhead's notice of her thoughts is embarrassing to some extent, but she doesn't mind it that much. In fact, she lets her lip slide between her teeth as she looks at the predator circling her prey. Katarina's nail sent shivers up on her spine and her breathing goosebumps all over her skin.* "Is that so?" *Riven asks timidly in between pants. She does not have an answer for Katarina's statement. She tried, but she couldn't translate her thoughts into words. By the time the assassin sticks her dagger between the exile's toned rear cheeks, the hole in its depths was already winking, invitating the invasor. The squeeze on her butt triggers on Riven another quick flinch. Her heart starts racing and now she can only wait in antecipation.* Reply