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Exiled with a dick
Sunday 20 May 2018 20:14
@ Kague : @ Diana, The Futanari Lunari : @ Rengar The Assstalker : (Well, all I can say is enjoy the show. :-) )

@ The True Katarina : (I do apologize for the delay. Had a few inconvenients in the past few days, but it should be back to normal now)

*After getting her hair pulled, Riven's head charges forward as her lips engages against Katarina's. Again, the exile don't know what she is doing with her lips. She just knows that she wants to keep going, and that's what she does. A quick, muffled moan echoes from her throat as she has her breast squeezed. When she notices the attempt to get her hands away from Katarina's ass, what Riven does instead is to grab the assassin's wrist and move it towards the head of her cock. Unlike the water, cold and fluid, Riven's mast is solid and exhales heat. In addition, it is already leaking the much warmer and more viscous fluid in the form of her precum. Such a contrast makes it easy to distinguish from the water, and Riven presses Katarina's fingers right against its source. Not because she wants to stablish dominance. The idea didn't even crossed her mind. All that she wants is pleasure and she has figured that having this hand on her cock would provide her with it.* Reply  
Friday 18 May 2018 13:40
@ Diana, The Futanari Lunari : I could make u wetter than any writing :3 Reply  
Diana, The Futanari Lunari
Friday 18 May 2018 00:42
My god, this writting has made me wet multiple times by now, i love it~ Reply  
Rengar The Assstalker
Thursday 17 May 2018 05:12
@ The True Katarina : @ Exiled with a dick : You girls know how to having fun Reply  
The True Katarina
Wednesday 16 May 2018 18:08
@ Exiled with a dick : @ Kague : (I am glad that you are enjoying it as much as we do)
*Katarina felt the hot throbbing member of her lover start to grind against her thighs. A smile rose to her lips as saw Riven take over by her lust once again. A few seconds later, she felt the strong hands of the warrior get a hold of her round bubbly asscheek, squeezing them roughly and violently, spreading them apart and feeling her fingers sink into the meaty flesh. The embarrassing emotion of having her ass manhandled like that , turned on the cocky redhead. In addition, her own member started to rise and come to life, it's tip squeezed against Riven's abs and leaking precum down her smooth pale skin. However, as much as Katarina enjoyed the situation she had other plans for the time being. She was going to try and tame the beast , that was Riven. Her hands rose to get a hold of the short ashen hair, tugging on them to catch Riven's attention. She forced her look upon her mesmerizing green eyes, all the while her free hand moved to get a hold of the warrior's left breast and give it a similar squeeze to the one Riven gave her ass. After she let go of her lover's chest, her hand moved to try and seize Riven's hands , to use her strength and try to gain control* Reply  
Wednesday 16 May 2018 06:35
@ Exiled with a dick : @ The True Katarina : Dont mind me, but I read it all since yesterday and it's one of the best I could read for a long time. Well done for both <3 Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Tuesday 15 May 2018 21:18
@ The True Katarina : *As Riven gets captured under Katarina's grasp, she looks down to appreciate their breasts squishing each other. She was about to talk when questioned about her silence, but she gets cut right when she feels the assassin's thighs clamping on her dick. That made her pants obvious, she closes her eyes and her hips starts moving pretty much automatically. Similarly, her hands went straight for Katarina's buttcheeks, grabbing and squeezing them roughly, not because Riven wants to hurt the woman, but simply because it is easy for her to get carried away. It was once in her head to return Katarina the favor and please her somehow, but now, her brain went down to her dick once more.* Reply  
The True Katarina
Tuesday 15 May 2018 18:21
@ Exiled with a dick : *Katarina was cleaning off the cum and dirt that was stuck on her body and hair. Her mascara and lipstick had cleaned off as well and with her hair running behind her back and not falling over her face, her features were fully shown. Once she noticed Riven walk closer she moved towards her as well, with her own member dangling left and right. Eventually , once she reached her lover the Noxian pressed herself once again against Riven. Their breasts squeezed together, her arms wrapped around Riven's waist and the redhead slightly parted her legs to trap Riven's thick member between her thighs and right underneath her own member. She squeezed her juicy and meaty thighs, hotdogging the woman's cock in between as she looked into her eyes* You are awfully silent. Either way, want me to clean you up? Reply  
Exiled with a dick
Monday 14 May 2018 18:00
@ The True Katarina : *Riven allows Katarina to get off her arms, but gets caught by surprise as she gets kissed. The exile does not know how to react properly, hips already moving on their own, humping the air and possibly her lover's stomach, perhaps even her chest giving its lenght. Under Katarina's ministrations, all she manages to do was to clumsily return the kiss, and as her dick is grabbed and stroked, Riven decides to return the favor as a retribution. As Katarina backs off, then, all the exile could do is stare as the redhead strips and walks to the river. Drool leaks from the corner of her lips, her fixated eyes can't look at anything else and her cock pulsates as if it had a life on its own. Since they fucked for the entire night, Riven is calmer now, and that's the reason she haven't simply pounced at the woman as her cock is so hard that the veins bulging its skin looks like it'll explode. It was only after Katarina gets in the water that Riven gets back to herself, and nods silently as she is invited to follow, since like Katarina, she needs some clean up on her own. Unlike the assassin, however, she doesn't put up a show on every step.*

(That's alright. Don't worry about it. I hope you're having fun) Reply  
The True Katarina
Sunday 13 May 2018 12:58
@ Exiled with a dick : *With most of her strength back, Katarina jumped off Riven's arms and landed onto her feet. She wrapped her arms around the woman's neck and pulled herself close to plant a soft loving kiss on Riven's lips. Her own trapped Riven's lower lip , sucking and tugging on it before letting it go to snap back to it's place.* It's lovely here *She said as she started to part herself from her lover's body. Her hand trailed across the warrior's body, reaching for the lengthy member and stroking it gently as her eyes focused on Riven's* I am gonna go wash off...feel free to join me* She said. Most of Katarina's body was still covered in Riven's cum , her scent had stained off on her body. Even as the redhead started to take her clothes off, her smooth skin had a sticky layer of the cum on it that glistered when the sun fell upon it. As she placed her clothes next to a tree, her beautiful prized, curvy and athletic figure still shined even though it was covered in the thick loads of cum. Her rounds firm breasts had a few scratches on them, but it was her round bubbly rear that probably caught the attention. Her tight hole had regained it's shape and was leaking a bit of cum down her juicy thighs. Furthermore, as Katarina started to head towards the water, with each confident step that she took, her wide hips swayed left and right teasingly. As a result, her round bubbly rear bounced up and down hypnotically almost. She dove into the water right after and resurfaced a few seconds after. Her long red hair run across her back and she nodded for Riven to join her.*

(Sorry for the delay. I was on a small trip and now I am back. The answer may seem a bit rushed though><) Reply