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By Applepiee
Hey guys!

Although not related to League of Legends, it is related to hentai and one of my websites so thought it would be a good idea to post here anyway. ( Especially since I know you guys are always kind and helpful ).

2 years ago I started a subbing group on hentaioppai called "OppaiSubs" due the lack of translators and time the group disbanded after just a few episodes.

But creating our own subs was actually super fun, and since recently I have a translator that will help with translations I decided to give it a shot again!

And so, I am looking for people who are interested in joining. We are currently looking for:
    * Extra Translators ( Japanese to English )
    * Editors ( English )
    * Timers
    * Type Setters
    * Encoder (Somebody that is good with encoding source files (like DVD source) to rips)

If you're interested, or know somebody that could be interested, please send a message to [email protected], or PM me on the forum with your Skype!

For everyone else that's reading this.. Happy Halloween!

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